Spirit/Soul Life-Path Readings & Coaching
~ Empowering Self Awareness & Healing



I work with the energy of spirit, especially my primary guide, Michael (the Archangel). Over the years my spiritual work and the readings/messages I bring through have honed towards Life-Path and Soul Purpose, helping (and also challenging!) people to take steps forward to bring out their own power and their own truth; empowering them.

Working with Michael's energy is powerful. Part of the strong make up of his vibration is the resonance of life path decisions, which brings forth within us those questions of Why? What am I doing here? What do I need to do with my life? Why do I feel I need to change? 

I'm sure we can all relate to these questions, at some times in our lives, bubbling to the surface of our consciousness. It is these questions that Michael works with, through these readings. Often, very personal, deep aspects of the self are covered, but Michael gives these particular messages in metaphor—so that you know what he means and I don't (because I don't need to). He can help you, so gently, kindly and cleverly, look into great truths about yourself...often those we have not been ready to see.

The sessions can bring great blinding truths about the self to the surface, can answer your deepest questions, but they do not give carte blanche answers about what you should do. They give guidance about your decisions because, with these type of readings from the powerful consciousness of the angelic realm, they aren't focussed on providing evidence that there's an afterlife, they are focussed on YOU, your life and assisting you with your soul expansion and personal growth. 

And this requires work. But it's work and exploration we signed up for, wanted to do during our lifetime here.

The energy and intelligence of Michael's gifts of guidance, knowledge and healing energy during a session astound me. Having worked as a life coach a number of years ago, and trained to be the best I could be, by the best teachers I could find, I can see and appreciate—time after time—the immense capacity, immediate knowledge and profound wisdom of spirit, especially my primary guide, Michael. 

This moves people. 

The energy that surrounds us during a session, that comes through my voice as I surrender the birth of my words to Michael, is so deeply peaceful, powerful, loving, comforting and greatly healing. The sessions work on many levels.

Spirit, and the energy of it, coupled with our souls has immense power for our highest good, no matter what it looks like or how we get there.

Individual Readings are £45 for 1hour. If you live in the UK, I call you by phone (landline or mobile), or Skype. If you live outside of the UK, calls are made using Skype. To book a reading please use the contact form and I will get back to you.
Readings are recorded for free and emailed to you.

Group readings are also available. Please contact me for more information.